established in 1961
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Our bunkering stations are capable to arrange for our clientele agency services necessary for the calls of their vessels. A notice of 2 working days is necessary to prepare before vessel’s arrival.

In order to facilitate the vessels’ contacts with the port authorities (customs, harbor master, etc) and assure impeccable service, the clerks of SEKA as agent board or stand-by the client’s vessel upon arrival and remain at Master’s disposition 24 hours. The vessels may communicate directly with the bunkering stations through VHF channels Sixteen (16), Twelve (12) and Nine (9). ETA notifications must be made either through e-mail or facsimile message to the following agency departments:

Piraeus and Ag. Theodoroi station: SEKA S.A. (

Kali Limenes station: SEKA – KALI LIMENES


The main services demanded and performed are the following:

  1. Fresh Water. Fresh water is delivered from our installation and from July 2010 at Kali Limenes anchorage as well with own equipment.
  2. Fresh Provisions. Placed in surrounding of Messara plain, our clientele may have access to Cretan fresh products such as olive oil, olives, oranges, tomatoes, green vegetables and other, notwithstanding any other product obtainable through the full range of products within the island.
  3. Stores & provisions. On request, we can arrange to prepare the basket of your command for provisions to be delivered during the bunker call, directly transported to client vessel.
  4. Garbage removal
  5. Crew changes. Station in Kali Limenes is a SCHENGEN gate of reception, allowing the boarding, repatriation and change of crew (sign on/off) and/or passengers. Non- SCHENGEN citizens that require VISA procedures need to apply 10 working days in order to arrange necessary paperwork. Accommodation services can be arranged.
  6. Underwater inspections. Our stations are capable to arrange for the underwater inspection of vessels with 2 working days notice.
  7. Surveys
  8. Spare parts delivery
  9. Other

Any required customization is quoted on demand.